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The Fisherman's Wife
by Florent Lanteigne

A touching memoir which tells the true story of a family's survival and how a mother - The Fisherman\92s Wife, battled with hardship that trailed a devastating tragedy. The fisherman\92s son tells his story with an innocent, childlike perspective intertwined with spiritual reflection of a time full of pain, triumph, laughter, and adventure.

DreamCatcher Release 2011
ISBN 978-0-9865278-9-0


On Broken Glass
by Richard Palmer

A collection of Richard's poetry with original artwork by Molly McNaughton & Chris Lowe

DreamCatcher Release 2011
ISBN 978-0-9865278-8-3


Aboriginal Sport Heroes: Atlantic Canada
by Jason Peters

Biography of Atlantic Canada sport personalities by sports writer Jason Peters. Josh Sacobie, Sara-Lynne Lockwood, Josh Hepditch, Allison Brooks, and Tex Marshall

DreamCatcher Release 2011
ISBN 978-0-9865278-7-6


Second Wind
by Robert Rayner

DreamCatcher Release 2011
ISBN 978-0-9739234-8-3


From Mark Tushingham, Author of Hotter Than Hell
comes a new novel,
Inspired and Dedicated Thief.

A DreamCatcher New Release, 2012.


Yuletide Yarns
by Gail MacMillan
A collection of Christmas tales for the entire family!

DreamCatcher Release 2009
ISBN 978-0-9810721-4-2


Sandfires: Timeless Story From a Timeless Land
by Tom Crothers

Historically, New Skye, Prince Edward Island was a quiet farming community,
but now it is confronted with change. A simple young man is charged, arrested
and tried for murder, giving rise to widespread interest, rumour and morbid
speculation. In this Canadian tale of human suffering we are taken back in time
to a love story amidst the horrors of World War I.

Tom Crothers has developed startlingly real characters and spun them into a
thrilling plot-line.

DreamCatcher Release 2011
ISBN 978-0-9865278-2-1


Many Shades of Green: Running Toward the Finish Line, One
Cancer at a Time

by Deny Dallaire

Through his experience of surviving six bouts with cancer, Deny Dallaire
discovered things that have helped him not only beat his disease, but also
taught him invaluable lessons about life itself. This is truly a powerful story
of survival, gratitude and love, which will help you discover wellness in your
body, mind and spirit.

DreamCatcher Release 2010
ISBN 978-0-9865408-0-6
$ 18.95


Hell On Earth
by Mark Tushingham

Hell has no fury like a planet scorned. Dr. Mark Tushingham\92s dark vision of a world devastated by climate change continues. In this sequel to his controversial and brisk-selling novel, Hotter than Hell, he presents the continuing journeys through our ravaged land by one man who tried to hold back the forces of chaos. Tushingham is painstaking in the details of what our carefully-balanced world could become under the strain of climate change run amok.

DreamCatcher Release 2010
ISBN 978-0-9784179-1-8


Bridges, We Can Walk Across
by Clyde A Wray

Clyde Wray is a multitalented and prolific playwright, director, performer,
producer and of course, a poet.

With three books of poetry published, DreamCatcher is proud to present
his latest title, Bridges, We Can Walk Across.

DreamCatcher Release 2010
ISBN 978-0-9810721-5-9

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Meet some of our authors ..
  • Tom Crothers
  • Florent Lantinge
  • Richard Palmer
  • Jason Peters
  • Robert Rayner

Tom holds a Master’s degree in Creative writing from the University of New Brunswick, and a Master of Divinity from the University of Toronto. Tom is married to a wonderful woman, Bessie and together they have three children and many grandchildren.

Some works he`s published include,
Out of Thin Air: a history of early radio on Prince Edward Island, co-authored with Betty Large. This was awarded a PEI Heritage Award.

What if, Mr. Robinson? (Short Play) in The Fiddlehead.

A short story, “The Eleventh,” won second prize in an Alberta wide competition sponsored by the Edmonton Journal, and also a short story, "The Painter," was published in Portage Magazine.

His very successful book Bumps was published in 2009, and has sold very well.

His 2011 novel Sandfires is available from DreamCatcher.

His latest novel Hanky Ball is being released by DreamCatcher in 2012.

Florent .Lanteigne ,son of Michel . Lanteigne and Edna .Lanteigne .Florent is presently chief engineer on a freezer factory shrimp vessel and that is fishing in our Canadian Artic water.Holding Marine Engineer ,Mechanical Engineer ,Marine Engine Fitter ,Marine and Industrial Mechanic Certificates .Florent have over thirty years in the marine industrie ,father of four and living in Saint-John .,N-B., for the pass 34 years.

Richard`s writing has been published in the cormant and honourable mention in the stephen leacock festival for two years in a row. he has received international recognition for his poems broken glass and ward 9 and is a contributor to prude inc. which is a black history booklet for students.
Jason Peters is a band member from the Mi\92kmaq community of Glooscap First Nation in Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Jason was born and grew up in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Peters, who is a National Coaching Certification Program coach, has been a girls basketball coach with the 2010 Provincial Champion Bayside Middle School Broncos, Simonds High School Seabees, Buzzz Elite Girls program and the 2009 New Brunswick Canada Games team. He has also served as the Assistant Chef de Mission with Team New Brunswick during the North American Indigenous Games and attended both the 2003 and 2005 Canada Games as a member of the New Brunswick Mission.

In 2009 Peters was nominated and took part as a Torchbearer during the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.

Jason is a published writer as he has a monthly column in Ignite SJ a Greater Saint John sport magazine titled Did You Know...?

He lives in Saint John with his wife Amy and their two daughters, Mercedes and Bronwyn.
Robert Rayner


DreamCatcher Publishing Inc.

Publisher: Elizabeth L. Margaris
December 4th, 2006

Mission Statement
DreamCatcher Publishing, Inc. is an independent book publisher located in downtown Saint John, New Brunswick that produces original high-quality Canadian fiction and non-fiction of general interest for adults and children. Our aim is to introduce the public to some of its best hidden talent, nurturing Canadian authors who deserve to be published in distinguished works of the highest literary and design standards. We wish to publish books that provoke and inform, as well as educate and entertain readers of all ages and walks of life.

About DreamCatcher Publishing
In 1991, Elizabeth Margaris set out to provide wider public exposure for Atlantic Maritime authors who were largely neglected in the major book buying markets. A bookseller for over fifteen years, Mrs. Margaris transformed her extensive experience and expertise into what became DreamCatcher Publishing, a company dedicated to realizing not only the dreams of aspiring writers, but also authors who were largely quoted and acclaimed but received little exposure because of geographical issues. DreamCatcher has produced some of the most successful books published in the Maritimes: Vernon Oickle\92s Dancing With the Dead; The World That Is by University of Toronto professor of Comparative Biology, Alan Weatherly; Yvonne Wilson\92s critically acclaimed novel Come To Say Goodbye; and the Canadian best-seller, Locked In, Locked Out, by Shawn Jennings, M.D., an autobiographical account of his battle to recover from brain-stem stroke.

By 2003, the company had published 50 titles, including poetry, children\92s literature, and became specialized in the burgeoning new "green" genre. That same year, it also broadened its mission to help aspiring writers by publishing a reference book on how to write and submit manuscripts to publishers: The Editor Makes House Calls by Allison Mitchaum and Yvonne Wilson, provides invaluable how-to tips for untapped talents, and has been one of the company\92s best sellers.

In 2004, DreamCatcher enjoyed a year of phenomenal success across Canada with the new titles Running Away by Peter Riddle, The Porcelain Doll by Janet Knudsen and three best sellers, Medicare Myths by Dr. Dennis Furlong, the novel Flu Shot by Kendrick Lacey. M.D., and a children\92s book, East to the Sea, by Heidi Jardine Stoddard. All three have been critically acclaimed in the major North American media markets: the movie rights for Flu Shot are currently under consideration.

In 2006, DreamCatcher, now partnered with the University of Toronto Press to secure distribution of the highest standards, saw one of its most exciting years with the publication of Mark Tushingham\92s controversial new novel, Hotter Than Hell, which received massive media attention and an important review in The New York Times; Sandy MacDonald\92s clever debut novel The White Iris, and Miron Rezun\92s long-anticipated second book in his Tatya Trilogy, the espionage thriller The Mossad Agenda, which has already drawn praise from award-winning author and journalist Phillip Knightley and notable spy novelist John Le Carre. All three have each received enthusiastic acclaim and promises to expand DreamCatcher into a wider international market.

The company has also become one of the primary sponsors for the annual Canterbury Tales Literary Festival, a multi-varied event that promotes literature and literacy in the hope of strengthening a rich literary community in Saint John and the surrounding areas.

Not only does DreamCatcher aim to aid the aspiring writer, but it has also led the drive to expand literacy within the community. DreamCatcher Publishing annually donates thousands of books to literacy advocate groups, school libraries and other non-profit organizations. It is our aim to not only foster community reading, but also encourage an appreciation for books, old and new, for the public, young and old.

From its inception in 1991, DreamCatcher Publishing has grown through many challenges into one of the Maritime\92s most established and recognized ventures in the publishing industry. Today, in its offices on the corner of Canterbury and Princess Streets in downtown Saint John, there hang dozens of literary awards and several plaques of recognition honoring the publisher, Elizabeth Margaris, who took her simple dream of helping local Maritime talent and created an outlet in which they can realize their own dreams. Just as it did while operating out of a one-room office in Market Square in 1991, DreamCatcher continues to discover and promote the best of Canadian writers in every genre.

DreamCatcher Publishing Inc.
55 Canterbury Street
Saint John, New Brunswick
Canada E2L 2C6

Tel: (506) 632-4008
Fax: (506) 632-4009



Give us a call or e-mail us to place an order.

DreamCatcher Publishing Inc.
55 Canterbury Street
Saint John, New Brunswick
Canada E2L 2C6

Tel: (506) 632-4008
Fax: (506) 632-4009




a) A query letter introducing your manuscript.
b) A one page synopsis.
c) A short author bio.

A reply takes 6 to 8 weeks

Sound Advice From the Publisher

Elizabeth L. Margaris.

It is widely traditional in the publishing industry that there must be pleasant cooperation between an author and publisher. There is expected a positive atmosphere and a team effort to produce not only the best product possible, but also a respectable bottom line on sales and promotions.

I cannot quote a single best-selling author who has fought with his/her publisher or editor, defected and become an overnight success. The general public is turned off by any hint of trouble and other publishers avoid any author who has a reputation of being testy or difficult.

The publishing industry has a strict code of protocol. Authors have agents to do their requests. An author writes, an agent takes care of business, and a publisher publishes. These are distinct responsibilities. As a rule, the publisher meets the author only once, when the contract is signed. Thereafter, the agent is the liaison between publisher and author. The reason that publishers do not want to deal with authors directly is evident by the recent events in the history of our fledgling company.

The successful author must be cordial, gracious, accessible and on good terms with all members of the team. They must keep in mind that the publishing company wants to give them the best product worthy of their endeavor, and everyone involved in the project is committed to producing a successful, available and marketable work that will satisfy both artistic and business objectives. The general book-buying public is not interested in any problems that may have arisen during editing or publishing. They are only interested in meeting a genuine published author, an honor bestowed on very few writers; an honor to be taken seriously, which brings with it a certain responsibility to your public, and requires a certain demeanor of professionalism and respect.

In addition, it is best to be informed that books have a shelf life of approximately two years. After this general time period, they automatically become \93out of print,\94 enabling current titles to move to the forefront for their time of recognition.

I can only wish you success in selling your remainders. Even very famous authors have remainders.


DreamCatcher Publishing Inc.
55 Canterbury Street
Saint John, New Brunswick
Canada E2L 2C6

Tel: (506) 632-4008
Fax: (506) 632-4009


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Yvonne Wilson
Kali Brazier-Tompkins
Kali Brazier-Tompkins
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Yvonne Wilson
Vernon Oickle
Heidi Stoddart
Allison Mitcham Ph.D
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Janet Knudsen
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Walter J Belsito
Marlene Denessen
Richard Papenhausen

A Light Above The Sun
A Light Above The Sun

A Wanderer's Legacy
A Wanderer's Legacy
Nature & Ecology


A Wolf To Remember
Angels In The Snow
Are You There Moriarty?
By Invitation Only
Come To Say Good-Bye
Dancing With The Dead
East To The Sea
Halcyon Days
Hotter Than Hell
I Cry For Innocence
Locked In Locked Out
Maritime Voices
Monkeys In A Looking Glass
My Prayer For Peace
Red Dragon Square
Running Away
Saint John Vocational School - In Retrospect
Silky: The Dog That Saved The Day
Something Lovely
Strange Lights At Midnight
Tatya Book One: Moscow Nights
The Boy Who Wasn't Himself
The Editor Makes House Calls
The Making Of Harry Cosaboom
The Mossad Agenda
The Pony Princess
The Porcelain Doll
The Ragged Believers
The White Iris
The World That Is
Truth To Tell
Two Island Light
Harper's New Clothes
Little Dipper "Roots of Healing-Tides of Change"

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